SEO Strategies For 2021

How to rank on Google from Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting a website to the top of the search engine rank pages (SERPs) like Google and Bing (But It’s Not Google). There are many strategies that are implemented to make this happen for a website, but the most efficient strategy one can use is going straight to the source.

I went to go log into Google Search Console this morning and noticed things look a bit different. As soon as I log in they are spoon feeding you what to do for successful SEO.

Google search central, SEO for 2021

To quickly summarize what to do for successful SEO for 2021, directly from Google:

How Google Search Works

  • “Crawlers” look for new and updated content.
  • Google analyzes content, images and video to understand what a webpage is about.

Essentially, keep your website up to date with fresh content, and do something I have been preaching for years; optimize your images.

Optimize your site for search engines

Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

  • 1 Page, 1 Subject
  • Be descriptive
  • Update your content
  • Build backlinks
  • Hire a professional

If your business offers a lot of services, or even if it’s only a few, break them down and create separate webpages for each of them. This gives Google crawlers more to crawl, which is good for your website.

Make sure your page titles are descriptive. I have seen so many websites miss the title checkmark, it’s an easy base hit.

Google says “referrals” but in the “biz” we call them backlinks. Either way, relevant backlinks are still just as important as they have always been. Build backlinks!

Hire a professional – Google is telling you to hire me, or someone else who does what I do, but you should hire me.

Google Analytics for Beginners
Advanced Google Analytics
Google Analytics for Power Users

Google doesn’t accept payment to rank a website higher, or rank websites higher if they advertise on Google. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re wrong.

I have had heated arguments about this when interviewing for in-house marketing positions in the past.


Work smarter, not harder. Go right to the source to learn what you have to do to make your website rank better. If SEO is something that you or your business needs help with please feel free to reach out for a free consult.


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